2007 Awards Voting Schedule PDF Print E-mail

DEC 7, 2007 - All films hoping to qualify for consideration for the 2007 CFCA Awards must be screened to CFCA members or, if they are screeners, received by members by 6 pm CST on this date. By this time, first-round ballots will have already gone out to members. In a break from years past, these first-round ballots will have weighted votes -- members will be able to nominate up to five people or films in each category with their first choice receiving 10 points, their second receiving 5, third receiving 3, fourth receiving 2 and fifth receiving 1.

DEC 9, 2007 - All first-round ballots must be e-mailed to Peter Sobczynski, who will once again be spearheading the vote count, by 6 pm CST. After final tabulations later this evening, the second and final ballot will be sent out to members..

DEC 12, 2007 - All second-round ballots must be e-mailed to Mr. Sobczynski by 6 pm CST. These will also be weighted as they have been in years past.

DEC 14, 2007 - Winners will be announced that morning in a format to be determined and announcements will be sent out to members and the local publicists at that time.